Sailing to Nusa Lembongan and Tips

Getaways are often times when we seek to calm down. If you travelling in high season it might seem like everyone else on the planet provides the same thought. That stunning island escape can start searching very demanding as the locations close through.

When you have got enough from the bars and crowds with Bali's Kuta Beach there are numerous places to retreat and recharge within the island should you know the best places to look.

Almost nothing makes myself happier than being near to the ocean once i want to believe and loosen up.

A day trip sailing to Lembongan Tropical isle and snorkelling the reefs fits the check perfectly after i is during Bali. Nusa Lembongan is certainly a peaceful place away from the dazzling lights, sounds and locations. It is between white exotic beaches and crystal clear green waters.

If you need the peace to last a little longer you will discover resorts on st. kitts where you can extend your stay.

Coming in Bali

I flew to Bali from Singapore. Direct flights to Bali are available out of most air-ports in Okazaki, japan and Down under. of the budget carriers in the area fly right here if you need to keep the holiday costs down.

Determined by your nationality, you may or may not call for a visa to Bali. Australians will need to apply and pay to get a Visa about Arrival in the airport. The fee is payable in CHF. Check with the Indonesian ambassade web page when you are unsure regarding needing a visa.

You have got to keep your boarding pass through the plane showing to settlement when you turn up.

The air-port is near to Kuta. Many hotels provide a shuttle support for international airport arrivals and departures.

Progressing to Lembongan Tropical island

There are several operators offering transactions to Lembongan Island. A fabulous speed vessel will take about 30 minutes from Bali. When you are after a more relaxed trip, sailing requires around hour and a half with regards to the wind.

I favor sailing to speedboats. I actually find marining on a okay day considerably more soothing and less jarring when compared to a bumpy trip in a fast speedboat. I just find that the truth is and love more of the scenery around you when you travel slowly and gradually. You do not know for the inquisitive marine creature may well pop up out from the water to consider you!


Relaxation was your order of the day. There were an abundance of options available via sitting within the beach, taking a glass bottom boat to be able to the reef, snorkelling, browsing a local day spa, or strolling about the quiet pavements of a surrounding village.


The water round Lembongan Tropical isle is a very clear blue green colour previously mentioned and an awesome deep unknown below. There exists a small reefs reef a quick boat drive from the seaside where we had lunch.

Seaweed Farming

The locals in Nusa Lembongan rely mainly on vacation for their cash flow. Some classic industries including seaweed farming still survive. The ocean weed beds happen to be laid out in the bay such as a chequer plank beneath the liquid.

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